If at this stage of life, you find yourself at at crossroads in seeking out new work/income opportunities, and find yourself frustrated and continually encountering the following phrases, "I'm overqualified", "I rarely hear back from companies when I apply online", "My interview went great but after they asked about my salary expectations I never heard back from them again" then you've come to the right place.

At SecondActCareerCoaching we work with you at the second stage of your life to help you reposition and rebrand your expertise, skills, and passions and show you how to "Flip the Script" in essence turning those above phrases from a perceived negative to some of your biggest strengths in why a new company or project should hire you.

A traditional Career coach will often focus on rewriting your resume and advise you on strategies usually focused on getting another job. While we do that as well to some degree our process differs greatly in that it focuses on a developing "a Portfolio Approach" to work/income opportunities at this stage of your life which can include repositioning your existing skill set in a new way and perhaps combining it with multiple income streams that can be focused on your existing work experience and other skills and passions you may have.

A great example of this would be someone who has transitioned their existing work background into a consultant style income, sought out a Franchise opportunity, turned their hobby/passion project into an income or developed combination of all three income sources that have been designed to have their work revolve around their life not their life around their work !

This sounds a little bit like Life Coaching, how is this different ? Our focus is definitely on working with you to achieve a new way of work and part of our success is in helping you to identify what makes you tick, what lights you up, (get's you excited) and we've found that this internal element in learning to know yourself, strengths, and weakness first, then seeking out work/income opportunities that complement how your naturally wired for success second at this next stage of life has proven to be a winning combination not only financially but emotionally fulfilling as well.

If any of the above makes sense to you please check out our Coaching page, or click button below, for more details on how we may be of service to you as well as visit our Testimonials page, or click button below, to see examples of others who may have been in your situation, who have learned how to, "Flip the Script" , and are "Making the Second Half Their Best Half" Will you be next ?